My name is Jacob T. Coleman, but everyone calls me Coleman.

I would definitely consider myself an “idea man.” I have a constant need to utilize my creative side, and I carry an organized binder of sketches, developing concepts for both products and art. I have had a passion for art and design all of my life, and I’ve explored it through many mediums – wheel pottery, photography, woodworking, glassblowing, painting, graphic design, and product design. Currently, I focus on graphic design, and I paint and blow glass in my free time.

I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Business Marketing
Industrial Design

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2016. I majored in Business Marketing, and minored in Industrial Design. I believe that this combination has given me a very well-rounded skill set for the modern digital business world that we live in, one that enables me to really make marketing and design work their best together.

Resumes are available upon request.