Wag 2017

2017 started out a little slow, but it soon came to be one of my most productive years yet (and we’re only halfway there!). These are the best Wags so far this year. I have expanded upon my old techniques, and experimented with new ones.


This was one of my favorites from this year, a more atmospheric Wag. This was started with the intentions of becoming a Damascus piece, but I left it unaltered as I loved the appearance of this initial layer, complemented by the negative space.

WAG no.35


The first three pieces in this gallery were stabs at a basket-weaving technique, inspired by glass artist Chris August Carlson.  In Emission, I isolated the termination of one of my wig-wags, which was then altered to resemble a waterfall. Spiral King is a prime example of my spiral / retticello work. The final piece in the gallery is another favorite from this year, titled The Wave.

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