Personal Business Card

It was time for me to update my personal business card (my last card was made in early 2015!), so I created this design using some material from my recent Wag projects, along with some new flair.

The front is vivid, yet simple, with just three letters being the only elements above the vibrant background. The back carries the intense background over partially, and my full name is displayed in contrasting white text, in my personal favorite font (Geo Sans Light). My services and contact information are displayed simply below the name, leaving a bit of white space for balance, or room to write on the card, if necessary.

WAG no.50 – Juicy

This is the latest piece in my Cluster Wag series, and I’m quite pleased with it. Using a new layered blending technique, I have been able to incorporate the most abundant and vibrant colors yet into my Wag pieces. Juicy has layer upon layer of patterns and color, and its complex composition must be studied for a moment in order to be fully absorbed. Check out the rest of the Cluster Wag project for more layered goodness!

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WAG no.49 – Lemonade Break

More experimentation with the Cluster Wag series. I found a new and improved way to do my retticellos off-axis, and I’m really happy with the results shown here. This composition is primarily yellow, giving a sumptuous yet cautious feel to the image. Almost every element is transparent in some way. I’m really enjoying making my compositions more complicated, and wish to dive deeper in the near future.

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WAG no.48 – Lunch

Continuing the evolution of the Wag series, Lunch features multiple wigged-out elements working together in a composition. I also utilized some different blend modes to create the vivid color and depth of the circles and in the left border.

FIERCE Business Cards

I made this set of business cards with the intention of creating something that stood out from the crowd, something with vibrant colors, yet smooth and classy style. Fierce uses smooth transitions and just the right amount of contrast in the text in order to create such a pleasing front. The entire project can be viewed in my portfolio!

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WAG no.46 – Breakfast

In this piece, I experimented with composing Wag elements together into a more complex arrangement. There are many layers to this work, and many colors, yet each element has its own color scheme. These colors are not repeated, but are still highly complementary to the adjacent elements. The large retticello is where the eyes are first drawn to, with its many intersecting and weaving lines in bright colors. The popping circles to the top left of this exhibit great contrast and balance the canvas. The blue wig-wag column on the left pulls the eyes across the canvas and holds the composition together.


New Website Launch

This will be the first blog post on my new website! I’m thrilled to finally have my own URL. This is my first project with WordPress, so bear with me while I learn to use this.

Currently, I am featuring graphic design, digital art, and mixed media painting artwork on the page, though I’m on the fence about my paintings. Part of me wants to work only graphic design off this website, and the other part of me wants to show off everything.

Eventually, I would like to have a store page on this site to sell my own designs and products. I’m sick of Etsy. I would just like this page would be the only page you need to go to in order to experience and buy my work.